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Each year Montbell sponsors a select number of organizations, most focus on environmental issues, outdoor education, or secure wilderness access. Montbell also supports a select number of athletes who seek to push the boundaries of safe ultra light adventure around the world. Montbell does not give financial donations at this time.

To be considered for Montbell sponsorship you must fill out this form. You are encouraged to submit your proposal at least 6 months in advance of your product need. Montbell reviews and responds to all sponsorship requests as quickly as possible. It routinely requires 4-8 weeks for evaluation and approval. Telephone calls, letters, or emails regarding the status of a request will not be responded to. Please be patient, and do not contact us once your request has been submitted: we will contact you.

Montbell receives and reviews thousands of requests for sponsorship each year, and although we can only sponsor a small handful of athletes and teams, we greatly value your passion for our brand.

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