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Montbell Challenge Support

People all over the world pursue a variety of challenges. For some, they dream of exploring remote regions and adventuring into untouched lands. Others try to better society and help the people in their community or other countries. Some bring awareness to our changing environment and protect the world for future generations. Mont-bell helps people make these endeavors possible through the "Challenge Support Program."

Part of Mont-bell's Club Fund, the Challenge Support Program supports individuals and teams that are pursuing adventure and exploration, conservation, outdoor education, social welfare and humanitarian efforts. The Challenge Support Program helps by offering necessary gear with purchase support, and for Challenges with a high level of social impact, product and/or financial sponsorship. To apply, please read the details below and submit an application.

Qualifying Activities

Expeditions or adventures that tests the bounds of your personal limits. Activities that contribute to society and closely connected to nature; such as Conservation, Outdoor Education, Social Welfare and Humanitarian Efforts.

Applicant Requirements

Applicants may apply regardless of gender, age, profession or nationality. Team applications are also accepted.

  • Applications based on referrals are not accepted. Applicants must submit their own application.

Application Review

Applicants are reviewed by the Mont-bell Challenge Support Program (panel of judges). All applications will be reviewed and if necessary, conduct additional interviews with applicants.

Review Criteria

  1. Does the Challenge meet the criteria of the program.
  2. Do participants receive any kind of commercial gain from the Challenge.
  • Applicants must submit an application for each separate Challenge. Multiple Challenges on the same application will not be accepted.

Types of Support

Product and Financial Sponsorship
Types of Support

Four times per year,For Challenges occuring between:

  • June 1st and August 31st
    Deadline is February 28th
  • September 1st and November 30th
    Deadline is May 31st
  • December 1st and February 28th
    Deadline is August 31st
  • March 1st and May 31st
    Deadline is November 30th
  • Applications must be received by due date.
Review Schedule

Four times per year

  • Review and announcement of applications occurs one month after the application deadline.

How to Apply

To apply, download and fill out the application form below and submit additional background information. Applications are accepted via email or mail.

  • Mailed applications and data will not be returned.

Application Contents

  • Challenge Support Program Application Form (Required)
  • Challenge Support Product List (Required)
  • Challenge Support Budget Plan (Required)
  • Challenge Support Challenge Plan (Required)
  • Background information such as, personal introduction, previous experiences, jobs, projects, expeditions, etc. (Free format)

Where to Submit

Challenge Support Program Marketing Department
E-MAIL csp@montbell.com
Address Challenge Support Program
Montbell Co., LTD
2-2-2 Shinmachi, Nishi-ku
Osaka 550-0013

When sending application by email, write "Challenge Support Program Application" in the title and make sure all required files are attached.

  • Please do not forget to sign the application. Unsigned and incomplete applications are not accepted.

Additional Notes

Level of support may differ from the originally requested amount.

When mailing applications, please use a prepaid service.

Applicants that receive support are required to submit a Final Report within one month after the completion of their Challenge. Final Reports must include the following information:

  • Report of the Challenge
  • Opinions and Impressions of Mont-bell products
  • Ideas for products you would have liked to have had during the activity
  • Plans and Goals for the Future
  • List of media that featured the Challenge
  • Pictures taken during the Challenge
  • Final Reports are not returned to the applicant.


Challenge Support Program Marketing Department
E-MAIL csp@montbell.com
Address Challenge Support Program
Montbell Co., LTD
2-2-2 Shinmachi, Nishi-ku
Osaka 550-0013
  • Questions regarding the status of applications will not be answered.