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Light Down Pants Men's


Updated 12/03/21 (EST)

Wärmende Outdoor-Ausrüstung von Montbell

Reviewed in November, 2021

from Sackis Outdoor-Gear

The Best Gifts for Hikers & Backpackers in 2021

Reviewed in June 14th, 2021

Montbell’s Light Down Pants were engineered to provide an extra layer of warmth when thermal leggings just aren’t cutting it. Designed to be worn during winter hiking, chilly nights around camp, or as part of a cold-weather sleeping system, these 800-fill pants are here to keep hikers cozy and comfortable.

from The Packable Life


Reviewed in March, 2020

This is the year of down pants. I know that’s a ridiculous statement, but it’s true. Leave it to the Tour Divide racers to push the limits of comfort and packability. Racers will sleep 4 hours or less and wake up before the sun rises, which makes for some truly cold starts. It’s not to say that these ultralight down pants won’t work on the bike as well. In races like the Silk Road and the Tour Divide - those passes that you trudged up must be descended too.

from benedicto:

Backpack Gear Test / Test Report by Richard Lyon

Reviewed in March, 2020


Over the past two months it's been more of the same with these Pants - day hikes, outdoor chores, camp loungewear. Though I haven't found a breakthrough new use and still think there's one unnecessary shortcoming, the Pants have earned a permanent place in my winter clothing closet.

All use has taken place in my home territory of the Northern Rockies, within 100 miles [160 km] of Bozeman, Montana. In one respect winter has finally arrived after an extraordinarily dry December; my home at 5800 feet [1800 m] has received several feet [about 1.5 m] of new snow in the past three weeks. This has required frequent shoveling the steps and breaking trail on local hikes, two tasks for which the Pants are very useful. For the latter I have worn knee-high gaiters or lightweight waterproof-breathable pants. That hasn't been necessary for chores, as I can prevent direct contact with accumulated snow by wearing tall rubber hunting boots that [usually] fit over the Pants.

from BackpackGearTest