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Insulation for your kids

With winter almost here, it's a great time to get insulation to help your kid stay warm and happy. The big question is, which is better, a down or synthetic fill? The answer is; both work great, though excelling in different ways.

Does your child often come home with a new stain on their coat? Are they always playing outside...rain or shine? Easy to clean, quick drying, and continuing to provide insulation even when wet, for this child we recommend synthetic insulation.

Or, does your child need some extra warmth for the school commute, family outings and everything in between? Providing a high warmth-to-weight ratio and excellent packability, we recommend down insulation in this case.

From these two insulation types, choose the option that best matches your child to provide them warmth and happiness on all of their winter activities.

Down or Synthetic?