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The New Products of Spring & Summer 2017

Versatile and comfortable rain wear

Montbell's flagship rain wear "Storm Cruiser" Pants are now available with full-length side zippers

Montbell's flagship Storm Cruiser rainwear has adopted new technology for an all new incarnation.Use of Gore-C knit backer technology improves flexibility compared to past models. Along with drastic weight reduction measures including reducing sewing points, the jacket possesses unprecedented comfort. The edges are constructed down to the last detail using waterproofing and water repellent processes, including the use of adhesive to prevent water retention. It has a streamlined silhouette with no superfluous material. Great for use as a windbreaker and protecting against the cold.*Opens from the bottom.

Rain wear for town utilizing Montbell's original waterproof/breathable membrane, DRY-TEC

This raincoat uses a proprietary waterproof breathable fabric that is smooth and lightweight, with excellent breathability and compactness. It can be stored compactly in the included stuff sack, making it the perfect portable item for travel and business. The simple hooded design ensures that it can be worn as a standard raincoat, or as an extra coat in the colder seasons.

Women's printed GORE-TEX rain hats

This rain hat features a colorful print, made with a world-class waterproof breathable material. The seams of the main body and brim have a waterproof finish for excellent water resistance. When not in use, this item can be compactly stored away.

Durable, lightweight backpacks

Introducing "Ballistic ULTRA" super durable and lightweight material for next generation backpacks

This lightweight model offers a newly-developed lightweight and durable material. Our proprietary pattern design enables us to create the front out of a single piece of material, achieving very light weight and excellent water resistance. A zipper on the top lets you quickly access your gear. This extremely versatile backpack also includes a rain cover for handling all types of conditions.

New easy access lightweight daypacks make your outdoor life much more simple

This day pack features a zipper on the top that lets you quickly access your gear. A range of pockets on the top and sides give you a variety of storage options. While this item has a rain cover, it remains lightweight, so it’s ideal for trekking and hiking day trips. A back panel with air permeability keeps your back from getting stuffy by venting moisture and heat.


Crag Hopper Men's / Women's

With a "climbing zone" located on the toes, these extremely versatile shoes can be used on the approach to your local crag and on simple climbs. Easy to put on, the Crag Hoppers won't feel narrow or cramped. The combination of soft, natural leather and synthetic leather and thin, flexible mid-sole provides superior fit. A rubber rand from the toes to the heel provides excellent support and durability.

Aqua Gripper Sandals

This model features AQUA GRIPPER, which offers amazing grip on wet rock surfaces, so it’s perfect for water sports. The instep has two Velcro straps that allow you to dial in the fit, and the heel cup has a soft strap that holds the heel in place. These sandals will stay in place in the water and are essential to various water sports.

Trekking Poles

Alpine Folding Pole / Alpine Folding Pole S

These folding poles offer both durability and a compact, lightweight profile. A telescopic system lets you adjust the size and supports your momentum and balance. You can also attach a snow basket (sold separately).

U.L.Folding Poles <120 / 113 / 105>

The poles are ultralight and fold up into a compact size. The grips are designed to be longer, so you can adjust where you hold them. Offered in three sizes -- select the one that best fits your height. The poles come with semicircle-shaped baskets that will not interfere when folding the poles up.

Sleeping Pads

U.L.Comfort System Air Pad <150 / 180>

This compact air pad provides excellent insulation and comfort. Once inflated in provides a flat stable surface for sleeping, which can be especially important for side sleepers or those that move around in their sleep.

U.L.Comfort System Alpine Pad 25 <120 / 150 / 180>

This mountaineering focused sleeping pad is an excellent example of the "Light & Fast" philosophy. Featuring a mummy style design that Montbell developed, this inflatable, foam sleeping pad provides and excellent balance of weight and compactness with comfort. With four different lengths available, you can choose which length is most appropriate for your climbing style.

Pump Bag

This pump is used to inflate sleeping pads and pillows in the UL Comfort series that have flat valves. It’s now easy to inflate your gear and then compactly store it when done. This item can also be used as a stuff sack for clothing and other items.


Nature Guide Vest

The Nature Guide Vest can be used for bird watching, camping and a variety of outdoor activities. Made with durable mesh main fabric and utilizing abrasion resistant Balispun®, a nylon fabric with two times the tear strength of standard nylon, for the shoulders and 13 different pockets. This vest has an excellent balance between comfort and durability.

Canyon Shorts Women's

These shorts are suitable for a wide variety of activities, from hiking to water sports. They are made with stretchable, water repellent material, and are thin yet flexible and resilient. The ventilation holes in the hip area reduces the swelling that occurs from getting into water.

ZEO-LINE Cool Mesh Cami Top Shirt With Bra / Tank Top Shirt With Bra

The latest evolution of our base layer spinning technique utilizes high quality micro-fibers to produce coiled or "crimped" threads. Compared to traditional fibers, the refined microfibers present in ZEO-LINE® feature greater surface area and smaller air pockets to better trap air, yielding superior heat retention. Featuring a three-layer knit structure, ZEO-LINE® maintains an air-layer between dual fabrics. The layer closest to your skin pulls moisture away and moves it to the outer layer allowing the layer of air to maintain more consistently warm temperature.

Super Merino Wool L.W. U Neck T-Shirt Women's

Using only the best superfine merino wool fibers on the market in our fabric, yields a highly elastic base layer that moves with you while flaunting a velvety touch. Middle weight SUPER MERINO WOOL offers the same stellar moisture management and thermal properties that traditional wool is famous for, while reaching new levels of refinement and luxury. You can enjoy all the comfort of wool in a day around your favorite mountain town or during your latest winter backcountry obsession. Our most versatile wool base layer is ideally suited for moderate exertion in cool to cold weather. Ideal uses: Backcountry skiing / boarding, Mountaineering, Hiking, Climbing.

Ballistic Ultra Logger Pants

Drawing on our knowledge of functionality and materials used for mountaineering and alpine clothing, we’ve designed these protective pants for forestry work. The surface material is our proprietary Ballistic® Ultra Nylon, which is lightweight and highly durable. The front, which may be exposed to chainsaw blades, contains a special protective textile. The back features an elastic material, with a bias cut on the knees and gusset at the crotch, offering outstanding range of motion. In spite of offering a range of features, these logger pants remain lightweight and offer superior comfort.


Crushable Umbrero

The unique design of this hat is inspired by traditional bamboo headgear. Using a world-class DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment, this item won’t retain moisture. Space at the back of the head vents heat, making this item perfect for hiking and playing in the water. You can adjust the fit around the head, and there is a chin strap that you can pull close to keep the hat in place.

Stainless Mesh Hat Screen

This hat screen is made with a stainless steel mesh that provides excellent shade and relief from heat.

Wickron Cool Hat Shade

This hat shade protects the back of the head and the face. Made using a material that balances breathability and ability to reduce exposure to ultraviolet light. The shade is secured in the front of the face with snap buttons.

Wickron Cool Hat Screen

This hat screen is made with a material that balances breathability and ability to reduce exposure to ultraviolet light. Reduces built up heat and keeps you feeling comfortable.

Breeze Spun Work Cap / Hunting Cap / Hat

The brim of the hat features a soft plastic insert that maintains the shape of the hat.

Wickron Cool Light Gloves / Women's / Long Women's

This line of gloves is the ideal sunblocking solution for hiking and everyday use in spring through fall. These items are made from Wickron, which offers excellent air permeability and wicking, keeping your very cool. The palms of the hands feature a simple anti-slip finish.

Field Umbrero

This traditionally-shaped triangular hat feels cool and is made from natural straw. Space at the back of the head vents heat and moisture, ensuring a cool fit even in midsummer. The natural straw has a supporting thread woven into it, ensuring that the hat keeps its shape. Includes a protective rain cover that can be stored inside the product.

Tackle Pouch S / M

Want to go fishing? TACKLE POUCH is an waist pouch designed to organize your fishing gear handy. Consists of three main compartments. Outer compartment serves as a workstation with fly tray when it is full open. By using belt loops on the back and straps, you can securely hold the pouch closer to your body even when with a backpack.

All-weather Camera Case M / L

This camera case has excellent waterproof qualities. Made with a fabric with both excellent waterproofing and durability, with seams that are welded together to prevent water entry through seams. The shoulder strap and waist belt can be removed as needed. *Not completely waterproof.