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EX Light Down Anorak


Updated 09/27/22 (EST)

Ultraleichte Daunenjacken von Montbell

Reviewed in August, 2021

from Sackis Outdoor-Gear


Reviewed in March, 2020

Another essential piece for the gram-counting trail enthusiast, whether thru hiker or bikepacker. We reviewed an older version of this jacket and loved it. Montbell has refined the fit to be slimmer and thus more efficient with retaining warmth and having room for layering. They boosted the fill weight to 900 and gave the hood two-way adjustability. We love Montbell because they pursue fast and light without shame. They know you care about packability and function above all else.

from benedicto:

Backpack Gear Test / Test Report by ANDRIUS JANUSAS

Reviewed in March, 2020


My impression of the Montbell EX Light Down Anorak hasn't changed in the past two months. It still performs well, regains loftiness quickly, and allows me to sleep with comfort.

I spent an evening sitting next to the fire with occasional wind gusts blowing fire particles around. I was afraid that it could burn holes in my anorak so I put my hardshell rain jacket on top. The short length of the anorak came in handy - my rain jacket kept it covered completely and safe from fire while keeping me warm and cozy at the same time.

In my initial report, I mentioned that it was too hot to cycle with it when the temperature was above 40 F (4 C). However, there was one colder week in Vancouver when the temperature dropped below 32 F (0 C) in the mornings. During those days I enjoyed wearing this jacket while cycling to work. I found that it was just right - I didn't overheat or get sweaty, and it blocked the cold wind entirely.

Montbell EX Light Down Anorak works well as a mid-layer or an outer layer. Its compressibility and weight-to-warmth ratio are exceptional. I'll continue to use the anorak throughout all seasons, and it will definitely replace my other bulkier and heavier jacket, which I currently take on my trips.

from BackpackGearTest

Backpack Gear Test / Test Report by BRIAN HARTMAN

Reviewed in March, 2020


The EX Light performed well during Long Term Testing and has become one of my favorite winter jackets, thanks to its warmth, wind resistance, and ultra-lightweight design. Having said this, I highly recommend donning a waterproof shell if snow and rain are in the forecast. The reason is that snow and rain can soak through the shell and into the down insulation, ruining its loft, since the shell has a DWR coating only and no sealed seams, so it isn't waterproof.

Having never owned a down jacket before, I was thoroughly impressed with the performance of the EX Light. The down insulation did a great job of keeping me warm throughout testing while still allowing moisture to escape. It also kept me comfortable through a wide range of temperatures, from below freezing to the low 50's F (11 C). When I wasn't wearing the jacket, I stuffed it in my pack or used it as a pillow and it held up well. Of course, durability is just one of the selling points for down compared to synthetic insulation. Down is also considered the insulation of choice for absolute warmth and when weight and space savings are a top priority.

from BackpackGearTest

Backpack Gear Test / Test Report by Joe Schaffer

Reviewed in February, 2020


My product rep camp buddy on the first trip expended great effort to persuade me to trade the anorak for something in his highly esteemed repertoire. (Of course the serious tester cannot be dissuaded from his duty no matter the compelling nature of offers.) He was astonished that I could be so comfortable with such a light garment over a single base layer. Performance of the Ex Light has proven extremely satisfactory. This impression develops from relatively staid campsite activity as hiking temperatures have been too mild for a warmth layer; and I wouldn't risk the stress of pulled seams wearing the anorak under backpack straps. For sitting around in camp, it adds a terrific amount of warmth without bulk.

I've slept in it a dozen nights and like how the slick finish lets me flop around inside the sleeping bag. The seams have not stretched from this activity. I wear the hood over a sherpa woolie and don't need to use the sleeping bag's hood to keep my head warm even in sub-freezing temps.

from BackpackGearTest

We’re Obsessed With This New Ultra-Lightweight Ski Gear

Reviewed in September, 2022

Montbell stuffed this jacket with high-quality 900-fill down, made it an anorak so that it doesn’t have a full zipper, and gave it a sturdy but thin seven-denier outer fabric so they could provide ultra-warm insulation that weighs in at a scant 7.6 ounces. It’s the perfect piece for staying warm on lunch breaks, and for the coldest lift days when every layer counts. It’s also so compressible that it packs down the size of an orange and takes up almost no room in my backcountry pack.

from Outside