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Altiplano Pack 20


Updated 06/10/21 (EST)

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Reviewed in May 16th, 2021

One for minimalist mountaineers

With its achingly cool Gorpcore aesthetic, WIRED imagines there will be more sightings of this super light, Japanese made, minimalist pack in Soho House than the Swiss Alps, but nevertheless, it is a fantastically designed day pack that marries form and function.

With thick, well-padded shoulder straps, supportive waist-strap and plenty of padding for your upper bag you’ll be comfortable for hours with the Altiplano Pack 20 (£165). There’s a firm board underneath the padding to help keep everything balanced and supportive - and stop the contents of the bag pushing in your back - and while it lacks the structure of the Osprey, or Klattermusen, it does the job.

Having just one main roll-top opening maintains the minimalist aesthetic, and while they haven’t included a main zipped front pocket, there are four generous zippered pouches (two on the waist, two in the shoulder straps that will even take a water bottle) and two discrete super stretchy mesh side pockets. There’s also a latch for walking poles and an internal hydration pack hook.

Despite feeling gossamer thin, the Altiplano is actually double lined and the use of 30-denier rip-stop nylon (100-denier on the base) protects it from tears, and, combined with the roll-top closure also makes it very waterproof. The internal waterproof liner is velcroed into place, and easily removable, great if you want to shave grams of weight on a dry day, or for taking dry kit into the tent while leaving a soaking bag out to dry.

Pros: Stylish; waterproof; practical double-layer; great compression; lightweight

Cons: Warmer than some

from https://www.wired.co.uk/