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Alpine Thermo Bottle 0.9L


Updated 11/08/18 (EST)

Cold Comforts

Review Date: November/December 2018

Nothing warms the spirit like a steaming beverage on a cold day, and MONTBELL may have perfected the art of carrying it. Its Alpine Thermo Bottle available in four sizes, is made from vacuum-sealed stainless steel with interior copper plating to reflect heat and has a lid with grippy silicone that doubles as a cup. Made for mountaineers, it's svelte and lighter than other thermoses but still keeps your precious elixirs hot all day.

from SIERRA Magazine


Reviewed on January 9th, 2017

Tree Line Backpacker has featured the Alpine Thermo Bottle in a review. Read what they have to say about our award winning cold weather gear.

"There’s nothing like a nice sip of hot cocoa after a long day of hiking in the snow. That is, assuming your cocoa is still hot. The Montbell Alpine Thermo Bottle packs impressive insulating properties and a high quality, dual layer, vacuum sealed stainless steel construction, ensuring all day performance."


Lieblings-Award 2018

Reviewed on Febrary 2nd, 2018

Die Montbell Alpine Thermo Bottle 0.9L ist eine ausgezeichnete Thermosflasche, die durch Einfachheit und starke Leistung überzeugt. Die Isolation des Inhalts ist vorbildlich, die Flasche hält dicht und die einfache Bedienbarkeit rundet den positiven Eindruck ab. Die Reinigung der Flasche ist einfach und garantiert auch nach längerem Gebrauch einen guten Geschmack des Inhalts. Die Alpine Thermo Bottle ist eine ausgezeichnete Wahl für alle, die leicht in den Bergen unterwegs sind und trotzdem ein heisses Getränk dabeihaben wollen.

(The Mont Bell Alpine thermal Bottle 0.9L is an excellent thermal bottle, that excels in simplicity and high performance. The isolation of the content is exemplary, the bottle keeps tight and the ease of use round off the positive impression. The cleaning of the bottle is simple and guarantees even after prolonged use good taste of the contents. The Alpine Thermo Bottle is an excellent choice for those who are easily in the mountains on the road and still want while having a hot drink.)

from Ich Liebe Berge (I love mountains)